Breathing Exercise:  “The Heart Dance”

The heart is the body’s energy engine.  Having it work optimally can re-invigorate the entire energy system.  

Here we'd like to share a powerful technique that we've found re-enlivens our hearts and restores us back to full power:

Start by being PRESENT.  Be in the now and sit with what is going on within you. Focus attention on breathing in towards the heart. Filling up the heart area with air on every deep inhale. Exhale slowly making the sound “err”.  The more ‘inner-noise’ there is, the longer this will take to perfect, but the better results you  will receive.

Sometimes there seems to be a fundamental disconnect between how we’re designed to move and how we actually do

Exercise should never be an effort. We shouldn’t need to force ourselves, or need anyone else to motivate us. It should come naturally.  

Movement and the desire to perform is intricately linked to our love and lust for life and all things real. It springs naturally from us when we rediscover our true nature...

Working-In exercise's turn our attention inward.  They're important because most of the time we’ll find ourselves looking outwards, at our phones, moving screens, or at other people or situations, giving so much credence to external technology and so little attention to our internal technology. 

Buried beneath all the schedules, planning, reasoning and actions we can discover that our inner nature and purpose can be one, we can regain a child-like wonder and lust for life and enliven our senses with the acute experience of movement and energy.  Often there can be a lot of "inner-noise" to get through first - "THE HEART DANCE" is an easy and powerful tool to help quieten it all down...