Breathing Exercise: Kapalabhati or “Skull Shining Breath”

Working out expends energy from the body and needs to be replenished via what we like to call "Working In". 

There are many methods of "Working In" but the simplest that we like to share is this powerful breathing technique that a wise old Yogi once taught us: 

Begin: Through the nose take a leisurely inhale, then exhale powerfully through pursed lips, from the belly.  Perform about 5 times as a beginner, then as you start to feel the effects, you can get the same benefits from doing it fewer times. After only a little practice, you can gain enormous benefit from just a single breathe. 

There is not a day that passes when we're not confronted by stress. People want to get healthy and look good but know that if you’re stressed, it’s not going to work. Exercise is a stress on the body and if your levels are already high, exercise is going to be detrimental and counter-productive. If you’re thinking about getting into exercise, stress will prevent you.

There is no way to reach your potential without dealing with stress and for something that we all experience much of the time, ‘stress’ is a very misunderstood phenomenon. Almost every moment we’re awake is a stress! In Yin and Yang terms, we’re Yang most of the time.  Most of our time is Energy OUT.  Almost everything in today’s stimulus-packed world is geared-up to get you to expend. If you spend it all, you’ve got nothing saved up.  The key is balance.